Welcome to the Indian Bay Ecosystem Corporation (IBEC)

The Indian Bay Ecosystem Corporation is a non-profit community-based environmental organization with the goal of protecting the Indian Bay watershed through research, community engagement, and sound stewardship.

The Indian Bay Watershed covers an area of approximately 700 square kilometers and is comprised of 16 large ponds and a number of smaller ponds.  A network of old logging roads offer access to several ponds, while others are accessible by the use of an ATV or pick-up truck in the summer and snowmobile in the winter.

Historically, the Indian Bay area was known in fishing circles for its large native brook trout.  In the 1970′s and 80′s easier access, increased fishing pressure, poor conservation ethic and lack of management led to declines in both brook trout populations and size, along with the deterioration of the watershed.  Growing concern for the watershed led a group of concerned citizens to take action.  In 1988 the Gambo-Indian Bay Development Association was formed, later becoming the Indian Bay Ecosystem Corporation which was incorporated in 1995.  The organization has made many inroads in restoring the watershed back to its former pristine condition.

IBEC’s accomplishments include a major clean-up of waterways within the Indian Bay Watershed, increased public awareness, habitat restoration and management changes to the brook trout fishery in the Indian Bay Watershed. In addition, IBEC has partnered with various academic institutions and government agencies to compile a comprehensive database of habitat, life history and fisheries-related information through research efforts conducted in the watershed.