Spurrell’s Brook Restoration Project

This project increased Atlantic salmon access to Spurrell’s Pond through the removal of a significant migration barrier caused by sedimentation due to excessive erosion along Spurrell’s Brook. IBEC implemented stream bank stabilization and erosion control measures throughout the brook to decrease sediment loading, as well as removed sections of the sandbar.

The sediment that was accumulating at the mouth of Spurrell’s Brook on Northwest Pond had created a sandbar that was a barrier to Atlantic salmon passage. The sandbar at the mouth of the brook spanned the full width of the brook and during times of low water this bar acted as a complete blockage to salmon migration. This project will also assisted in preventing the reoccurrence of this barrier though the use of rock/log structures, brush mats and the planting of streamside vegetation.

Project Term: May 1, 2016-December 1, 2016

Project Photos

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