Kittiwake Snowmobile Trail System

Trail Map referencing local names and important information

With the increase in popularity of our Kittiwake Snowmobile Association’s groomer posting on Facebook, their is also an increase in Trail users who are not familiar with the local names in these post. When referencing grooming locations, such as 32 Branch, The Gate, etc., those from outside the area are at a lost. With major help from Paul Vincent (obtained the map and trail layout, suggested adding loading ramps and gas stations), Les Kean and Lorne Welcher (suggested names and reviewed map details), and permission from app developer Bryan Taylor to use the map taken from his app (, which was created here in Central, and should be downloaded for anyone using the Trail system), we have come up with the map below.

If you’d like more information on the Club and Trail system, please check out the Kittiwake Snowmobile Association’s Facebook page. Make sure you “like” it so you can keep up to date on all grooming and Club activities!