EcoAction Project

EcoAction Project

The EcoAction Project aims to achieve the following five main goals:

Work with volunteers to identify and implement habitat enhancement projects

  1. Provide technical education and training to volunteers and citizens on fish and wildlife enhancement best practices
  2. Raise awareness for environmental stewardship and fish and wildlife conservation throughout the Bonavista North Region of Central Newfoundland.
  3. Investigate and negotiate opportunities for municipal stewardship agreements to provide large scale, long time environmental protection
  4. Develop a community based model for environmental conservation throughout the Bonavista North region of the province of Newfoundland and Labrador.

In order to achieve these goals IBEC plans to work with volunteers to plant 1000 trees and shrubs, remove debris from riparian zones, design and distribute an informational brochure to community members, attend community festivals, protect 10,000 hectares of wetland habitat through formalized Municipal Stewardship Agreements and many other activities. These activities will allow for wildlife to thrive in the Bonavista North region for all users for many years to come.

You can become a Steward and get involved!

Please send all completed forms to, or hand them in at the IBEC office. Thanks to the funding given to us by Environment Canada, we were able to make this project a reality and need all the volunteers we can get to ensure that the success of this project is ongoing.

EcoAction Progress

The following are a list of successful Ecoaction achievements that IBEC has completed to date:

1. Restored 1.5 kilometers of stream habitat in Moccasin Pond Brook, including the removal of 2 stream blockages, installation of 26 instream structures, and the planting of 1000 trees

2. Surveying and restoration planning in 2013-2014 for the 6km of Northwest Brook, with restoration work completed 2015-2016

3. Hiring of 4  students summer 2014 and 5 students summer 2015 to work with IBEC and staff and to educate the public about IBEC and the environment at local summer fesitivals throughout Bonavista North

4. Hiring of 2 Stewardship Officers for the duration of the Winter Fishing Season to promote stewardship programs and conduct social and fish surveys

5. Working towards getting Municipal Stewardship Agreements with the overall goal of protecting 10 000 hectares of habitat throughout Bonavista North

6. Community meetings with New-Wes-Valley and Centreville-Wareham-Trinity were held to gain feedback for concerns/items that the community members would like to see addressed by IBEC

7. Partnered with the town of C-W-T and worked with volunteers to plan and establish a community garden summer 2015

8. 45 individual stewardship agreements signed by various people throughout Bonavista North. These included:

  • 43 adopt-a-box agreements;
  • 18 land conservation agreements with ~5 confirmed acres conserved;
  • 39 pack-it-in, pack-it-out litter prevention agreements;
  • 34 agreements to respect specialized fish management zones;
  • 17 adopt-a-stream agreements; 41 water pollution prevention agreements;
  • 17 agreements for replanting of clear cut cabin property agreements

9.  With the assistance of the Indian Bay Cadets, over 2000 trees were planted in the domestic cutting areas of the Indian Bay Watershed

This project is funded by: