Board Members and Staff


Darren Sheppard – Manager, email:

Nicola Saunders – Project Coordinator, email:


Curtis Roebotham – Chairperson

Ed Ackerman – Vice Chairperson

Triffie Parsons – Treasurer

Carl Howell  Secretary

Dr. Kelly Vodden – Director

Perry Cook – Director

Harry Ackerman  Director

Dr. Norman Goodyear – Director

Renee Collins – Director

Ian Brackstone – Director

Winston Perry – Director

Angelina Smith – Director


Fisheries Committee
Ed Ackerman, Harry Ackerman, Donald Sturge

Community Stewardship/Education Committee
Dr. Kelly Vodden, Dr. Norman Goodyear, Ian Brockstone, Winston Perry

Human Resources Committee
Curtis Roebotham, Triffie Parsons, Ian Brockstone, Darren Sheppard

Governance Committee
Curtis Roebotham, Triffie Parsons, Carl Howell

Natural Resources Committee
Dr. Kelly Vodden, Carl Howell, Nicola Saunders

Financial Committee
Triffie Parsons, Darren Sheppard, Angelina Smith