Northwest Brook Enhancement Project

The Northwest Brook Enhancement Project conducted by the Indian Bay Ecosystem Corporation (IBEC) is a 2-year restoration project funded through the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, the Atlantic Salmon Conservation Foundation and Mountain Equipment Co-op. The goal of the project was to remove blockages, as well as install erosion and velocity control mitigations along 5.5 km of Northwest Brook in the Indian Bay watershed. Indian Bay Ecosystem Corporations team of project staff worked with board members and other community volunteers to remove blockages to fish migration, stabilize a section of the stream bank and install channel velocity mitigations. This involved the removal of two large beaver dams, the installation of in-steam bank stabilization and channelization structures as well as a low head weir to remove a barrier caused by a perched culvert. These enhancements will help improve fish migration and spawning throughout the length of the brook by deepening the stream beds, removing barriers for fish migration and creating resting pools for salmon and trout populations. The work done will restore access for salmon and trout to spawning and rearing habitat within the headwaters of Northwest Brook, which is critical to restoring access to Northwest Pond – a lake that has long supported salmon and trout populations.

Northwest Brook Enhancement Projects Statistics (as of December 1/15)

  • Number of in-stream structures installed: 6
  • Number of blockages removed: 4
  • Length of improved stream bed: ~240m
  • Area of improved stream bed: ~800m2
  • Length of habitat to which salmon access was restored: ~13,000m
  • Area of habitat to which salmon access was restored: ~1,000,000m2
  • Length of restored stream habitat: ~200m
  • Area of restored stream habitat: ~600m2
  • Bank Stabilization: 17m2
  • Number of volunteers engaged: 23 individuals, 180 hours

Project Photos

This project is funded by:

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