Project Webfoot

Project Webfoot is a Ducks Unlimited Canada (DUC) program for elementary students from grades four, five, and six. In June of 2013, IBEC partnered with Ducks Unlimited to host Project Webfoot field trips. This program has had a great impact on students all across Canada and has finally come to Central Newfoundland.

In 2013, six schools throughout the region came to visit the Indian Bay Municipal Park to learn about wetlands and the environment. The schools included Pearson Academy, Gill Memorial Academy, Holy Cross School, Centreville Academy, William Mercer Academy, and Riverwood Academy.

In 2014, another group of schools throughout the region came to visit the Indian Bay Park once again. These schools included Centreville Academy and three classes from Gander Academy.

2015 showed significant growth as IBEC hosted 10 groups. The groups were made up of classes from Centreville Academy, Pearson Academy and Gander Academy.

IBEC hosted 2 Project Webfoot classes, Centreville Academy and Pearson Academy, in 2016. The day started with a class session at the IBEC office learning about the Indian Bay Watershed, wetland ecosystems, the animals who use wetlands and the role organizations such as IBEC and Ducks Unlimited Canada have in conserving our wetlands. The class sessions were followed by a field trip to the Indian Bay Park for bird watching, critter dipping and other nature activities.

In 2017, IBEC hosted classes from William Mercer Academy, Pearson Academy, and Lumsden Academy.

In 2018, classes from Centreville Academy, Pearson Academy, and Lumsden Academy were involved in the Webfoot program.

In 2019, classes from Centreville Academy, Pearson Academy, Smallwood Academy, and William Mercer Academy.

A big thank you to Ducks Unlimited Canada, partnering schools and volunteers for their participation and support. This year, Curtis Roebotham, Ed Ackerman, Harry Ackerman, from the IBEC Board of Directors, as well as Marjorie and Earl Horlick from the Ducks Unlimited – Bonavista North Chapter, and Laura King of the Stewardship Association of Municipalities, volunteered to make this years program a success.

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