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Host Darren Sheppard, Co-Host Nicola Saunders, and “Sound Guru” Jordan Knee will guide you through the exciting and interesting world of environmental discussion, watershed news, local, provincial and national issues and stories, plus anything else that may pop into our heads!

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Our schedule of episodes is below. Check back regularly to see what’s next for 709 Watershed. Always something happening in the Watershed!

Episode #1 – Fish management within Newfoundland & Labrador Hydro’s hydroelectric system

Episode #1 – Click to listen

Newfoundland & Labrador Hydro is the main power generator within the province’s electrical system. Its hydroelectric system uses the same rivers and waterways that salmon and trout use, such as the Exploits River, Granite Canal, etc. Working with the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, along with other stakeholders, NL Hydro is a key participant of fisheries management and protection.

In this episode, we’ll be interviewing Rod Healey, Manager of Environmental Operations, regarding NL Hydro’s commitment to ensuring healthy salmon and trout stocks while producing the province’s electricity.

Episode #2 – Eco-tourism along “The Shore”

Release Date: Friday, September 27th, 2019

Tourism is one of the biggest economic stimulants for our provincial economy.  Along “The Shore” (Route 320 from the Town of Gambo through to Gander Bay, including Gander) and here in the Indian Bay Watershed, tourism is bringing an increase in the number of visitors to our area.  This increase has brought new businesses to cater to the cravings of those wishing to see the shoreline, take part in fishing, hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities.

Duane Collins of Hare Bay Adventures and Curtis Roebotham of The Homestead Adventures discuss why they returned home from the mainland to start their respective eco-tourism businesses and why they see a bright future ahead.