709 Watershed Podcast

709 Watershed is a monthly podcast with topics that cover the environment, tourism, small business, & more, specifically connected to the Indian Bay Watershed & immediate area of our province. 709 Watershed is based out of the Indian Bay Ecosystem Corporation (IBEC) office in beautiful Indian Bay, Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada, the sports-fishing capital of Bonavista North. Host/Co-Producer/Co-Creator IBEC Manager Darren Sheppard, will guide you through interviews with guest that have an impact on the Watershed, who are the experts, storytellers, & decision-makers in their fields. Subscribe to 709 Watershed on all major podcast apps. Podcast Ads by Kaylene Stagg. Podcast Co-Producer Jordan Knee.

IBEC would also like to thank our many sponsors of 709 Watershed:

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New Wood Manufacturers  –  Town of Gambo  –  Ida’s Place

Our schedule of episodes is below. Check back regularly to see what’s next for 709 Watershed. Always something happening in the Watershed!

Episode #1 – Fish management within Newfoundland & Labrador Hydro’s hydroelectric system

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Newfoundland & Labrador Hydro is the main power generator within the province’s electrical system. Its hydroelectric system uses the same rivers and waterways that salmon and trout use, such as the Exploits River, Granite Canal, etc. Working with the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, along with other stakeholders, NL Hydro is a key participant of fisheries management and protection.

In this episode, we’ll be interviewing Rod Healey, Manager of Environmental Operations, regarding NL Hydro’s commitment to ensuring healthy salmon and trout stocks while producing the province’s electricity.

Episode #2 – Eco-tourism along “The Shore”

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Tourism is one of the biggest economic stimulants for our provincial economy.  Along “The Shore” (Route 320 from the Town of Gambo through to Gander Bay, including Gander) and here in the Indian Bay Watershed, tourism is bringing an increase in the number of visitors to our area.  This increase has brought new businesses to cater to the cravings of those wishing to see the shoreline, take part in fishing, hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities.

Duane Collins of Hare Bay Adventures and Curtis Roebotham of The Homestead Adventures discuss why they returned home from the mainland to start their respective eco-tourism businesses and why they see a bright future ahead.

Episode #3 – A discussion with the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC)

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The NCC is Canada’s largest national land conservation organization. Operating in all provinces and territories, the NCC has helped protect 35 million acres throughout the country since 1962. Through educational programs, land trusts and land purchases, the NCC is doing its part in protecting wildlife habitat in this great country.

Darren sits down with Stewardship Coordinator Julia Lawlor & Program Director Megan Lafferty of the NCC regarding their roles in the organization, their role in Newfoundland & Labrador, and how protecting land in Canada helps conservation efforts.

Episode #4 – The importance of supporting local small business and its positive environmental impact: a conversation with Janet Davis

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The debate regarding shopping locally, hitting up the big box store, or shopping online is a daily decision that many of us face. Which is better for your money? Which is better for the overall benefit of the environment? Which gives you, the customer, the most control?

Darren sits down with local artist and business owner Janet Davis of Norton’s Cove Studio & Cafe, to discover her thoughts on the subject and how her own environmental beliefs are shown in the way she runs her business.

Episode #5 – Christmas traditions in Newfoundland

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Nicola Saunders leads the discussion about Christmas traditions that continue to thrive in Newfoundland. We also touch on the environmental aspect of the Christmas holidays. And we look at some of the major festivals/events that are occurring during the Season within the province.

Episode #6 – The Fire of 61′: The End of the Logging Industry in Bonavista North

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Host Darren Sheppard discusses the repercussions of the Fire of 1961 & how it destroyed the logging industry within Bonavista North. A first-hand account of the fire with in-studio guest, author Gary Collins of Hare Bay, who was a teenager at the time of the fire, as he describes what it was like dealing with the fire and the aftermath.

Episode #7 – The Life & Times of Steve Perry

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Host Darren Sheppard sits down with local entertainer/storyteller/volunteer/tour guide & all around interesting guy, Steve Perry.  They discuss Steve’s love for “The Shore”, his twenty year theatre career, how he has become one of the “go to” folks for everything tourism in our area, & much more.

Episode #8 – Stewardship Association of Municipalities (SAM) Conservation Biologist & President of Nature NL, Laura King

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In-studio guest Laura King, who is the self-described #1 fan of IBEC, sits down with host Darren Sheppard to talk about what SAM does to assist municipalities with their environmental planning, her involvement with IBEC’s Species at Risk project in Cape Freels, her voluntary role as President of Nature NL, & other interesting facts about her environmentalist lifestyle.

Episode #9 – Washed Ashore Antiques owner/operator & Councillor for the Town of Centreville-Wareham-Trinity (CWT), Mr. Kirk White

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 With COVID-19 gripping the world, host Darren Sheppard chats with local business owner Kirk White to discuss how the virus is affecting his plans to start his 8th season at Washed Ashore Antiques.  They’ll also discuss Kirk’s business model of selling what some might call trash, but to the right buyer, it’s a treasure.  Antiques, Newfoundland crafts, and other interesting items, all found in a little antique and coffee bar in Trinity, Bonavista Bay.  And they’ll touch on what the Town of CWT is doing with its environmental planning and being one of the newest members of the Stewardship Association of Municipalities after signing its stewardship agreement in 2019.

Episode #10 – A conversation with Derrick Bragg, Minister of Municipal Affairs & Environment, & Member of the House of Assembly (MHA) for Fogo Island-Cape Freels

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Derrick joins host Darren Sheppard for the tenth episode of 709 Watershed. In this episode, Derrick speaks about his life working in the public service, first as the Town Manager/Clerk of the beautiful Town of Greenspond, then onto being the MHA for our district, and now onto a provincial Cabinet Minister. He also discusses his family’s involvement with COVID-19 (both his wife and daughter are nurses), and how it affects his department and his life as a politician. He touches on the affect that COVID-19 has on tourism within our district and the province. He explains the provincial ALERT system (that message that comes across your cellphone, television, and radio in an emergency) and the process of enacting it. And he speaks about some of the regulations that fall under the Environment portion of his department and his respect for IBEC and the work that we, and other similar Environmental Non-Government Organizations, do everyday.

Episode #11 – Speaking with a Watershed cabin owner Lorne Welcher, about the benefits of owning a cabin within the Indian Bay Watershed, and other topics

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Lorne is a Town of New-Wes-Valley (NWV) Councillor, Public Relations Officer of the NWV Volunteer Fire Department, Rescue Specialist with the Canadian Coast Guard, and a self-proclaimed tree hugger. He is also the owner of a cabin in the Sheppard’s Point area (32 Branch) of the Indian Bay Watershed. Host Darren Sheppard speaks to him on his thoughts of the cabin lifestyle, the benefits/negatives of having a cabin in general, raising over $25,000 during a weekend at the cabin (Snowbulance), bats (the flying kind), and more!

Episode #12 – Stories of Greenspond – Part 1

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Recorded live at Ida’s Place in Greenspond, host Darren Sheppard chats with locals and visitors alike regarding their memories and stories of Greenspond. Part 1 includes a chat with Heather Gordon, owner of Ida’s Place, a song “That Old Stage” written by Carl Winter and performed by Slainte, regarding the fishing stage found on the property of Ida’s Place, a lovely chat with Mr. and Mrs. Button, who have been married 67 years, and more!

Episode #13 – Stories of Greenspond – Part 2

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Recorded live at Ida’s Place in Greenspond, host Darren Sheppard reads a story provided by Linda White from her “The Greenspond Letters” writings, he interviews Margaret Burry, a longtime resident of Greenspond who currently runs the post office, Deputy Mayor June Duffett, who has over three decades of experience within the education system, and Gerald Wiseman from Gander, who’s Aunt and Uncle were one of the first Salvation Army officers to be posted to Greenspond.

Episode #14 – Stories of Greenspond – Part 3

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Recorded live at Ida’s Place in Greenspond, host Darren Sheppard chats with locals and visitors alike regarding their memories and stories of Greenspond. The final episode of our three-part miniseries on Greenspond, Darren speaks with Joy Barfoot, who is originally from Greenspond, but now works at the Rooms (provincial archives and museum) in St. John’s. She tells us about some traditions of growing up on the island, plus stories about her late father and what he’s passed down to her regarding the history of Greenspond. And, we chat with the other half of Ida’s Place, Des Gordon, who use to fish out of Greenspond before he got into the hospitality industry with his wife Heather, so he tells us stories about that part of his life and how serving tourist and locals alike has changed his life.

Episode #15 – A conversation with Thomas Howe Demonstration Forest Board members Ed Blackmore and Hayley Gillingham

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Host Darren Sheppard sits down in-studio with Thomas Howe Demonstration Forest Vice-Chair Ed Blackmore and Fundraising Coordinator (and former IBEC summer student) Hayley Gillingham. They discuss what the Forest is all about, its location 2km’s outside of Gander, the benefits mentally and physically it has on those that visit it, and much more!