Effective Land Development Planning

The Indian Bay Ecosystem Corporation (IBEC) also plays an important role in any new or ongoing developments in the watershed. Whether it be a small or large-scale commercial forestry operation, a potential mine in development, or even something as simple as a cabin being built, IBEC works with the appropriate parties to ensure that the integrity of the watershed is maintained and that any development that does occur in the watershed is executed in a safe and sustainable matter.

Through consultation with the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador Department of Natural Resources and a Memorandum of Understanding signed with Corner Brook Pulp and Paper Limited, IBEC has worked with the forestry industry to:

  • Leave larger buffer zones on ponds and streams to protect fish stocks and drinking water supply
  • Conduct harvesting operations in the winter months to minimize environmental impacts
  • Limit road construction to winter roads, which are made impassable to vehicles after harvesting to minimize access to these areas
  • Complete silviculture activities to regenerate the forest after harvesting.

Indian Bay watershed is considered one of the Special Places within Corner Brook Pulp and Paper Limited’s harvesting area, requiring special attention and care during forestry operations.

The Indian Bay watershed is home to numerous cabins and cottages, with 300 grants and licenses issued for land within the watershed. IBEC has also worked with Crown Lands to identify sensitive areas and to develop a Crown Lands Development Plan to prevent development in these sensitive areas with the intention of minimizing the stress that an increase of cabins in these areas would have on the watershed’s already pressured resources.

The Indian Bay Ecosystem Corporation not only has a hand in developments that occur above ground, but also those that occur below. Recently, Altius Minerals have discovered a prospective gold deposit in the Wing Pond area within the watershed. IBEC is working closely with Altius to ensure that as the project moves forward (and if it continues to move forward) it is done in an environmentally conscious way, so that the Indian Bay watershed may be preserved for generations to come.

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