Expanded Trout Management Zone

Bonavista North Watershed – Expanded Trout Management Zone

For five years, Indian Bay Ecosystem Corporation, in cooperation with the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, had been looking into continuing trout conservation efforts, not just within the Indian Bay Watershed, but to an expanded zone, covering a majority of Bonavista North inland waters. In the Spring of 2019, this Expanded Trout Management Zone became a reality and was signed into law.

Below are the regulations and map of the Expanded Trout Management Zone for the Bonavista North Watershed. All inland waters within the Zone, and those waters outside of the Zone that has the line running through it, are considered to be within the Expanded Zone and fall under conservation regulations.

Each year’s Angler’s Guide provides up-to-date information on the Zone and other Special Trout Management Zones throughout the province. Please consult the Angler’s Guide each year to see if any changes are made to your favourite fishing area.