What is Adopt-A-Duckbox?

The Adopt-A-Duck Box program is part of a  habitat enhancement and awareness  program established by IBEC in partnership with the Bonavista North Chapter of Ducks Unlimited Canada with the goal of providing suitable habitats and breeding nest boxes for ducks in the Bonavista North area.

The program has been set up to enhance:

  • Breeding Success for ducks
  • Suitable habitat Use
  • Communal and individual participation.
  • Awareness for maintaining bird nests and boxes.
  • Stewardship initiative Program

What Are We Doing?

Waterfowl species can be cavity nesters such as wood ducks, common goldeneye and hooded merganser. They make their nest in tree cavities. However, many of these species become dependent upon human constructed nest boxes when natural tree cavities are absent.  Duck nesting boxes are assembled and completed by students, IBEC staff and volunteers. We also instruct and teach young children how to construct nest boxes, identify ducks species and how they can become good environmental stewards in their local community.   The constructed boxes are then placed at key locations using guidelines provided by Ducks Unlimited .

What Do You Do With Your Duck Box?

By adopting a duck box, you have the opportunity to get involved in wildlife management and to observe the nesting cycle of these birds up close.
In order for the birds to be attracted to and use the boxes, it is important that the boxes be placed in a proper location and maintained regularly in order to best meet the needs of the wildlife.

Here is a quick guide for your duck box:

  • Suitable brood habitat must be available within a couple of hundred yards.
  • There must be clear flight lines to the box opening and an easy path to the water.
  • Boxes should be erected on either wooden posts or metal conduits outfitted with predator guards.
  • Boxes should be cleaned out and replenished with fresh wood shavings every year before new nesting hens arrive.

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