Indian Bay Watershed Ecosystem Health Assessment: Benthic Biomonitoring, Water Quality & Salmon Stock Analysis

During this project IBEC will collect count data regarding adult Atlantic salmon returning to the watershed to spawn, evaluate the condition of the ecosystem using chemical and biological indictors as well as partake in community events and meetings to promote the conservation of Atlantic salmon and their habitat.

Cameras will be installed in the Indian Bay Brook, a Class 4 scheduled salmon river, to count upstream migrating fish.  This information will be analyzed with historic data provided by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans to determine the status of the Indian Bay Watershed’s Atlantic salmon population.

IBEC staff will also analyze water quality throughout the watershed using two sampling methods; benthic biomonitoring will be completed using CABIN and chemical data will be collected using the YSI water quality kit. This data will allow IBEC to make knowledgeable recommendations for the management of the Indian Bay Watershed’s resources, including any necessary conservation or stewardship efforts.

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