Northwest Brook Revival

Northwest Brook is one of two scheduled salmon rivers within our immediate area. The goal of the Project is to restore and improve the 8 kilometers of Northwest Brook that leads to the Atlantic Ocean. IBEC would remove debris such as trees, boulders and any objects that are obstructing flow of the river and also install in-stream structures such as tree deflectors, digger logs, and rock walls, and repair any that were previously installed.

Project Term: June 20th , 2022 – September 9th, 2022

Project funded by:

July 28th, 2022

Northwest Brook Revival – Atlantic Salmon Conservation Foundation (ASCF) Project

In between cleaning up the Watershed, trail work, building rock walls, and other things, we have also been working on our ASCF project that helps clean up debris, ensure stream structures from previous work are still standing and in good condition, and checking to see if additional work is required. We have completed a couple of checks so far, with additional work forthcoming in the next couple of weeks.

This project is funded through the Atlantic Salmon Conservation Foundation

August 18th, 2022

Continuing work on Northwest Brook

Our team once again was on parts of Northwest Brook today, this time the lower portion that is accessible from the ocean. An early morning boat ride (thanks Steve Parsons) and some beautiful scenery along the way prepared us for debris removal and note taking for future work.

Water levels were very low during our visit, which show the importance of having a clear path for Salmon to migrate up and down stream. By removing debris, it also allows for water to move freely in times of rain and runoff.

We thank the Atlantic Salmon Conservation Foundation for their continued support and their financial contribution to this project.