Bird Habitat Projects

Duck Nesting Box Building WorkshopProject

In Spring of 2015, IBEC staff and volunteers worked with Grade 4 students from Centreville Academy and Pearson Academy to build duck nesting boxes.  Through these workshops, 48 boxes were built and placed throughout the Bonavista North region during winter 2015-16.

A map showing the location of these boxes, as well as the ones placed under previous projects, has been created and will be updated regularly as boxes are checked and new ones get adopted and placed.

In December of 2012, the Indian Bay Ecosystem Corporation (IBEC) and the grade 4 and 5 students of Centreville Academy worked together on a joint environmental restoration project to support and enable nesting of the Golden Eye Duck and the Merganser Duck in the Indian Bay watershed and surrounding region. Dr. Kelly Vodden gave a presentation to the students emphasizing the importance of conserving ecosystem habitats for the protection of birds and other creatures, both big and small. The students made twenty one nesting boxes in total and they were placed throughout the watershed to encourage more ducks to stay for the summer.

Backyard Bird Houses

In early June of 2013, grades two, three and four students of Centreville Academy helped with constructing backyard bird houses for swallows and other small birds. IBEC volunteers and staff talked about migratory bird conservation initiatives, and with the help of ecosystem volunteers, staff and teachers, each student constructed a nesting box to take home to their own backyard. All students received a presentation by Shane Noble, Don Sturge, Steve Moss and Ken Roebotham on local bird habitats. Each student got to keep their work and was provided with instructions for placement and monitoring of the boxes. They were also given activity booklets with a theme of birds and the environment. Forty bird boxes were constructed! Thank you again to teachers, students, volunteers, and funding partners for their support.

Swallow Bird Nesting Box