Thwart Pond Restoration (Summer/Fall 2021)

Major improvements have been made to water flow with Adurt Brook leading into Thwart Pond. Approximately 500 pieces of pulpwood have been removed from the 2km distance, with many other pieces left in place to add to the ecosystem health of the area. Old beaver dams have been removed, while newer dams have been notched, leaving adequate vegetation for Salmon and Trout to utilize while moving within the Brook.

Biggest impact is the removal of the old Bowater dam at the mouth of Adurt Brook leading into Thwart Pond. This has now created a beautiful resting point for Salmon and Trout, and provides a new viewing area for potential educational programs, to watch fish movement through this area, before proceeding through the rocks and into the Pond.

Plans for 200 seedlings to be planted within the damaged area where beavers have destroyed vegetation will commence this August.

We thank the Atlantic Salmon Conservation Foundation for the funding for this project, and the many years of support they have provided IBEC in such progressive, river restoration work.